Monday, May 3, 2010

tomorrow i will take over the world - an epic tale of super villainy, part 1

part 1

my friend told me yesterday
that he wishes he could
be a super hero and
fly around and save people
from burning buildings and
giant monsters like superman
but without the tights

but here is what i think
i would rather be a
super villain and i would
be called dr. awful
i would go to school and
get a PhD in super villainy
and i would be an evil genius

i would be an awful villain
not one who does awful things
but one who does things awfully
i would devise nefarious schemes
to take over the world
and destroy fortresses of good
with giant laser beams
and a maniacal laugh

i would be that genius who creates
master plans but blunders some
small detail and ends up saving kittens
instead of dominating the world
people would cheer for me
and say that i am good
without knowing that next time
my plans will be successful and
i will take over the world

(part 2 to follow later this week)


wiredwriter said...

Total genius. This poem just took over the world.

Trisha Castillo said...

all part of my nefarious plan...

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