Saturday, May 8, 2010

the elements of breakdown

the design is simple
but we make it complicated
sabotaging the universe
by quantifying everything that
touches us or comes close

we search for the shadows
and the hiding places
to disrupt our basic needs
with fantasies about connection
failing to see what has always
been right in front of us

despite our propensities for
solitude we sometimes find
that mysterious thing that we
didn’t know was lacking
and wonder how we ever
survived before

a whirlwind of events take us
down the rabbit hole
and we are confronted with
a reality that is both
beautiful and strange
and brings us into a
new realm of understanding


Lynn Alexander said...

That is so true, the way we complicate. We obfuscate, lose sight of what we need, confuse need and want.

Trisha Castillo said...

I agree that we often confuse needs and wants. We get so comfortable with wants that we lose sight of what we really need.

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