Friday, May 7, 2010

tomorrow i will take over the world - an epic tale of super villainy, part 2

read part 1 here

part 2

i asked my friend about
his plan to become
a super hero
he didn’t have one
super heroes are born, he said
or chosen by intergalactic
councils or bitten by
radioactive spiders

but i realized that
anyone can be a villain
as long as you are an
evil genius with an
unlimited budget for
laser beams and
giant robots and a
volcano fortress of doom

yes, i will be a super villain
i will invent dastardly plans
for disaster
with my evil gadgets
and i will save kittens
because they are cute
and because i can
tie laser beams
to their heads and use them
in my plot for
world domination

chicks may dig war, but
hot chicks dig super villains
tonight i will become dr. awful
and women will flock to my
fortress of doom to entertain me
while i devise insidious
schemes to take over the world

(part 3 to follow next week)


wiredwriter said...

So damn funny and expertly written. Can't wait for part three. Do you wear a cape? :)

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