Tuesday, January 15, 2008

come clean

come clean
did you ever
pierce yourself
in the mexican aisle

at two in the morning
i didn't know
they were
starting to group

on the pontoon boat
i was almost
on my knees

every two minutes
to be a nice guy
who's calling you
to grab your ankles

in the bathroom
i'm gonna make
money off you

you want me to
weight your body
and i'm going
he cannot have you too

Saturday, January 12, 2008

idealists on the funeral train

after trying to be positive about the
notion of a man born of polite language
a woman exclaims that
historical consciousness won't
help rabbits reproduce

a girl with a note cannot
resist ending each paragraph with
culturally active theory that
controls elements of society
with no explained function

prosititues and subordinate heroes are like
two issues on adjacent shelves
lovely but the first chapter says
a great deal about mobilizing
a trickle-down faith in a dominant world

the leading disciple owns the idealists
and comes into a room clueless
he is interesting to the people who
took the funeral train
he will be cemented by achieved gain
in the agenda among the classes

(Here's a tip never used: a man who is ignorant of the
damage to the entire share draws the other course of events
to his cheek and gives life where it is likely to be forgotten)