Saturday, May 15, 2010

tomorrow i will take over the world - an epic tale of super villainy, part 3

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part 3

i thought about joining a
super-villain syndicate but then
i read the annals of
mediocre villainy
they don’t make super-villains
like they used to
more like super-kittens
than super-villains

i will start my own corporation
for super-villains
i will build a super secret
lair to use as our head quarters
and we will have an evil handshake
that no one knows but us
and membership cards
laminated to make them official

i will give them nefarious schemes
to carry out to make sure they
are real villains and not just kittens
because i can buy kittens
or steal them
kittens are cuter than villains

i will be the mastermind of this
new organization and the villains
will be my minions who
carry out my dastardly plans
to take over the world


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