Friday, April 9, 2010

walking the corners

             they were
enraged by the
                      accidental touch
        each one able to seize upon
                the belief
                       that desire is to
             be revered
but they chose not to
                        and protest remained
         cut off from encounter
      they courted tradition
                     and boasted largely
          about the
defects of time


wiredwriter said...

Another great poem by you. Does your genius ever end? I think not. :)

Trisha Castillo said...

Ha! I think it's more sleep deprivation than genius. I write amazingness in the middle of the night on my graveyard shifts!

Trisha Castillo said...

Jeff, I like the picture of Raymond Carver that you have up on your blog right now. He's one of my favorite writers.

wiredwriter said...

:) Writing poems past midnight -- now that's the best time to write them. Sleep or no sleep :)

Carver -- yes, he was an amazing writer. Died too damn soon. Make sure you see the film Short Cuts.

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