Monday, April 19, 2010

hug us if you care

zombie bunny is coming
run for your life
poor little undead bunny
cute fluffy bunny
wants a hug
wants to eat your brain
double tap – for the win

zombie bunny wants friends
brain eating, leg biting
hideously creepy playmates
but not monkey clowns
they are too menacing
and canadian bunnies are not
good at violent rampage

are you ravenously fluffy
you might be a zombie bunny
carrot-crunching undead
cuddly attack mutant
join the zombie bunny army
if you dare


wiredwriter said...

Hell yeah this one's right on.

Trisha Castillo said...


Lynn Alexander said...

I love this Trisha! I got out to some zombie events and crawls this year, made me feel better about not having a party. Hope you are well!

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