Friday, June 10, 2011

what i love

don't say you love me
unless you really mean it
cause i might sweat it
like i sweat tuna melts
on a saturday night

i love to sit on the patio
and watch cars go by
basking in the fake
spotlight of scribbles
saying words like “peace”

broken for the oh-so
tragically hip trick
but let’s move on before
you figure out that
sentence made zero sense

i really love you like i
love animals and robots
but not necessarily
in that order and so you
end up with something
entirely sentimental

this is why you don’t
sleep with emo kids
and why you are supposed
to love life and hate kittens
and be happy all the time

this narrative is all about
love unlocking the truth
angsty like charles’s granny
but not his missus, at least
not that one in particular

sometimes i crave sushi and
knitted hats from grandma
which means i can’t be
naughty anymore, but yeah

i just imagine that the sun
could melt like snow and
then i would run to you
and flow into falsehoods
right out of the pages of
a teen romance book


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