Sunday, February 28, 2010

and for that we are sorry

to restore peace and
bondage is a burden
unheard of among the
poor and lonely

collected thoughts
to be lamented
and to say that none
of this came straight

could see it in
each other’s eyes
varying stories about
getting in the way

did no real harm to
love the confessions
feel that in our selfishness
a view is torn apart
and sometimes bound

reason to believe that
any wrong betrayed
would devastate
this pretty century

Saturday, February 27, 2010

sky rests easy

sounds like a love song
__i don’t know
a dream in which
someone among the
openly says that such comforts
__do not please us

amounts to a nitpicking
majority ventured
____that concern for the
myth declined

a little
___last night
voice seems to come
____from the distance
a kind of love song
a sly look results
__in actions authorized to
____question decency

see how the
___ song is
easy like my baby
poverty on my mind
falls below the

maybe because
___that’s just how it goes

doesn’t matter

Friday, February 26, 2010

passing movement

this is not what they want
but the crowd refuses to listen
and together by the issue
they feed the exotic into
the mouths of the starving

it was not simply that the
structure of grace and
harmony suffered
before an angry mob
or that the intolerable give
orders for the innocent
to be crucified

historians tell very
different stories
whipping was common
led to despair

that feeling and their own lives
the difference between
the presence of people
and the intrusion of a
daydream among the inhumane

Thursday, February 25, 2010

characters write stories

even when we keep souls alive
________ and loneliness
pull the trigger and. . .

______pointless sabotage
right there in the parking lot

i have never killed a
__________legendary poet

but it's only a short-term fix

policy to the level of mafia thuggery

not arguing in favor
by nature
_______pretending to have control

my mind goes walking
_____no viable next step to

____understand what is
__________and what isn't

Wednesday, February 24, 2010



attempting to be social
____he kindly said no
and chose the schmuck
behind the madman

he referred to the myth
as a salesman or a magician
but he had the best of

threatened by long-standing
separation to remain just
_____but he believed in magic

it was a long time to be alone
and the interference becomes
_____the older you get


drinking sets in
and quiet
looking over
____the nun ponders the
plague of the beautiful harbor

she leans on the balcony to
get a look at the map

turned around the belief that
on a series of deeper thoughts
____the stars were details of
disease and death

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


the desire for heroes
paints a clear non-thinking
trend for both
____left and right

under pressure from the
people the three-legged
man works to bring
accidental touch by their hands
____cut off like reason shifted
in a daze

he turned his body
walked the corners and
seized upon precisely the
belief that he should
never say no to the

but there was a line for the
man who could walk normal
and when he made the papers
____it was not as a hero


you seem so normal
____but our collective noises explain
__________that everybody is nuts
____given to some reason
you may feel that it is true
____but then it turns euphoric

remember that it did not
_____work well for her
and she only maintained to
be commercially successful

all that kicking came from
____a place called problem
when arrogance kept her from
________believing the voices

rest stop

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a winter's tale

Sunday, February 14, 2010

says the heart desires

an older poem, but one of my favorites - reposted for v-day

what we call love___is
____mostly prestige

it does not belong to us
to dish it
_____or worse__overpowering

find from its shelf
needed to be improved
_____only slightly
some drill bits or
a laser level

less effective
than imagined

______says the heart desires

opened big stupid mouth
saying things
did not improve

the world doesn't shut down
____down to remarkable

like this problem
saying stupid things
_____relentlessly exposed